Stunning images that reflect your business... no to stock.

let's be real

I don’t have a $5,000 prime lens. However, I do work hard to maintain relevant equipment amidst the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Location Photography

I’ll take high-quality images of your store or office that are perfect for a website.

Product Photography

It doesn’t matter if your product is big or small. I’ll capture it in a way you haven’t seen before!

Photography philosophy


Your photos need to be up-to-date. That often means changing them on an annual basis! I keep my rates affordable for small businesses so they can keep their image focused on today.


Uploading your images to social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ensure they are seen in Kitchener or around the globe! If you need help getting started, just let me know.


Did I miss something? Don’t worry, we’ll schedule a time for me to drop by and capture that one last image you really wanted.