Insight Eye Care goes to MIDO

Tell Your Story

Working with Insight Eye Care is always a blast. I recently went along with their buyer, Neil Moser, to document the journey. We visited two eyewear production facilities and a trade show. This took us from Budapest, Hungary to Berlin and Munich, Germany.

Timely Video

Shooting video should be a priority of every small business. Why? It’s easier than ever to tell your story without breaking the bank. The entirety of the video shot below was on a Pixel 2 Smartphone! The key is creating accessible content in a timely manner, not finessing over the details. Check out this video we produced the same day at the MIDO glasses trade show in Munich, Germany. We’ve got the 60 second version for Instagram and the 2 minute version for YouTube and Facebook below.

Photograph your journey

Taking a few snaps along the way is critical to capturing your experience. These images were captured on a Sony A7ii, while I was capturing video with my Pixel 2 at the same time. I always recommend shooting with different devices for video and photography when you can. Even if the devices are not ideal, it gives you the flexibility to have double the content. This is where the Pixel 2’s video stabilization plus the OSMO Gimble really shine. Don’t be afraid to throw your devices into AUTO Mode… it’s great to have the time to set everything perfect, but changing lighting conditions can prove too time consuming to adapt to without missing a moment.

Start Today

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