Amazing Makeup

It’s always amazing to see our small group of side-gigging creative professionals come together to create some photo magic. Working with Sarah Bolstridge from Guilded Makeup was seamless. I love the subtilty to her art – I find too many artists lack the ability to work in a minimalist fashion.

That Hair

Same can be said about Carmine Romano, our fantastic hair stylist. The braids, curls and small metal details really completed the look of this shoot.

Creative Direction

Not enough can be said about the dynamic duo Neil Moser and Nicole Wagler from Insight Eye Care. Sourcing clothing from Auburn Vintage Clothiers, Eastwood CI and the model’s wardrobes. Hey, you have to be frugal in a small region like Waterloo – this ain’t no Toronto.


Speaking of models. Wow. Julia Clements who is head-deep in University freed up some time for this shoot. A total natural in front of the camera but a total geek in-person. A geek in the best possible way!

Jennifer Jacobs, where would I be without you? I really can’t take credit for model direction – I am actually horrible at it. You can literally just strike a pose and look stunning.

Oh, and there is me. The plan was to have another model but sometimes you just need to improvise. Thanks to Neil for being the temporary photographer.

Location, Location, Location

Big thanks to the team at Together We’re Bitter for letting us shoot in the space on a Sunday night. That’s what I love about small businesses in our community, people are always willing to go above and beyond to support other passionate individuals. If you don’t have that fire, you simply can’t thrive. If you haven’t stopped by their unassuming brewery, it is worth the trip for the awesome people that work there… oh, and the beer is totally on-point.

See the entire shoot

Head on over to Insight Eye Care’s website to see all the images from this photo shoot. If you like what you see, check out their amazing products in-store. This shoot would not have happened without their amazing creative vision.