Language and Responsibility Chapter 2 Reflection

A few key takeaways from Chapter 2 on “Linguistics and the Human Sciences.” Chomsky thinks of linguistics as part of psychology and not as a separate discipline (46). The term psychology is often defined as the study of the acquisition or utilization of language, whereas linguistics is the study of language (grammar, dialect), but Chomsky […]

Language and Responsibility Chapter 1 Reflection

After completing my last Communications course, I decided to take a break to complete some self-directed learning. Noam Chomsky piqued my interest because of his anti-conformist approach to communication, literature, and cultural studies, so I downloaded his eBook Language and Responsibility. The book is actually a translation from a French-English interview-style lecture, that was then […]

The Power to Blur Fiction from Reality

The power to blur fiction from reality

The Power to Blur Fiction from Reality Originally written as a final essay for my Communication Theory and Analysis course at Athabasca University, this essay covers a topic that has always intrigued me: communications technology has created a world where the real and unreal are indistinguishable. Thanks for reading 🙂 Introduction Lana Wachowski and Lilly […]

Do Comic Books Corrupt Kids?

Shearon Lowery and Melvin DeFleur’s “Seduction of the Innocent: The Great Comic Book Scare” is an account of psychiatrist Dr. Frederic Wertham‘s popularized 1950s work that claims children’s behaviour is heavily influenced by comic books. Specifically, Wertham claims that comic books have three main effects: delinquency because children get ideas or learn behaviour; distorted perception of […]

Why People are Influenced

Why People are Influenced: A critical review of Social Judgement Theory and the Jowett and O’Donnell Model Published: July 7, 2020 Author: Troy Dettwiler This essay is composed for my Communications Theory and Analysis course at Athabasca University to critically review two communication theories that I found interesting during the first half of the course. […]

Racism and Facing Mount Kenya

I wrote the following short essay for my Communications Theories and Analysis course at Athabasca University. The purpose of this essay was to analyze a piece of writing without knowing the context or title of the work (I added the title after I learned more about the author and the context). The original story was […]

COVID-19 Communication

COVID-19 Communication My clients have been busy getting their communication prepared for their clients. Below you will see some of the signage that I created. You can also check out Insight Eye Care’s website for their COVID-19 landing page.

Be Well: Marketing Campaign and Mini-Doc

Be Well: Marketing Campaign and Mini-Doc On February 27, 2020, I helped to launch the “Be Well” campaign for Insight Eye Care. The project features six mental health advocates from Waterloo Region that open up about wellness on-camera. The six 2-3 minute videos, along with the headshots, are featured on Insight’s website.

Andrea Hildebrand Jewelry

Andrea Hildebrand Craft Jewelry

Andrea Hildebrand is a multidisciplinary craftsperson working and living in Waterloo. A graduate of Sheridan College and OCAD, her passion for design is clearly evident.

Aroma Cafe

Aroma Cafe Waterloo’s only coffee roaster Really house-made. I often dread going out to eat in Waterloo Region. That’s because my options are usually limited to: “Fancy” – too pricey, too salty and too sweet “Cheap” – too oily, too salty and too few vegetables “Healthy” – too tasteless, too trendy and too pretentious Aroma […]