Aroma Cafe

Waterloo's only coffee roaster

Really house-made.

I often dread going out to eat in Waterloo Region. That’s because my options are usually limited to:

  1. “Fancy” – too pricey, too salty and too sweet
  2. “Cheap” – too oily, too salty and too few vegetables
  3. “Healthy” – too tasteless, too trendy and too pretentious

Aroma Cafe is different. Their menu is affordable, offers plant-based whole food options that homemade and it is frequented by a range of demographics.

Scratch cooking

Salad bowls, soups and sandwiches, oh my. Even the bread is made in-house! I love that Aroma offers gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options so everyone can coexist over a simple scone or a full meal.

Freshly roasted.

Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters will forever hold the keys to my Americano heart. Sadly, over the past year I’ve become slightly jittery with caffeine. So much so, I was physically shaking in my shoes. However, Aroma Cafe’s Peru Decaf has become a staple in my household french press.

Variety is the spice of life.

I’m always impressed with the sheer number of choices I have at Aroma Cafe. Roasted on-site in small batches, your always greeted with a fresh choice. Aroma‚Äôs owners (Monica and Jeff) and their team (Martina, Tiffany, Loo and Amber) are so passionate about coffee you’ll never feel overwhelmed with a decision.

Check them out.

I can’t recommend Aroma Cafe enough! Give them a try the next time you are strolling through UpTown Waterloo.