Troy Dettwiler

2SLGBTQIA+ Sports Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer®

Anti-Hate Statement

As a mostly white cisgender gay man, I acknowledge the privilege I hold in society. I am aware of the unfair advantages this brings me on a daily basis. While I have experienced hate crimes and microaggressions, I recognize that these experiences do not compare to the systemic injustices faced by Black, People of Colour, Indigenous, individuals with disabilities, transgender, non-binary, and other marginalized communities in Waterloo Region. I also recognize that the intersections of these identities can be even more challenging.

Every day, I strive to reflect on my actions and words, seeking to interrupt the cycle of harm to the best of my ability. However, like all individuals, I may unknowingly exhibit inherent biases that can cause harm. I humbly request that you courageously point out these mistakes when you see them, as your feedback is essential for my growth. I remain committed to my ongoing journey of self-reflection and learning.

My Mission

My mission is to empower the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in Waterloo Region through fitness. Through personalized training, group activities, and a welcoming environment, I will boost physical well-being and overall quality of life. Together, we’ll foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable fitness community.

Training styles

Group Training

Finding a like-minded community of people interested in fitness can be hard. Many fitness spaces are doing great work to improve access for 2SLGBTQIA+ people, but there is still a gap in programming that builds community- for the community. The goal of my group training is to foster a safe environment for Queer and Transgender people to be active and feel like they belong.

Personal Training

Support from a Certified Personal Trainer can be one the best ways to improve your physical fitness. It’s not only my job to explain each exercise, movement, piece of equipment, but also to support reaching your goals. My approach is focused on long-term health outcomes, not on quick fixes.

Multi-Sport Drop-In

Working as the Sports Coordinator for Spectrum, we create free and inclusive spaces to get physically active. The 2SLGBTQIA+ Multi-Sport Drop-In program has two locations in Kitchener and one location in Cambridge. The program is exclusive to the Queer and Trans community to engage in sports.

About Troy

I started lifting concrete York weights in my basement at 15 years old after getting hooked at the local YMCA on weekends. Lifting was something I could control in my life, but as I got older started to experience more health challenges. I had to learn how my childhood experiences, disordered thinking, and poor movement patterns were leading to my chronic pain. After years of physiotherapy and psychotherapy, I’ve been able to bring my mind and body back to a better place. My hope is to help you on your journey.


  • Certified Personal Trainer® (American College of Sport Medicine)
  • First Aid & CRP/AED Level C (Canada Red Cross)
  • Spectrum Rainbow Diversity Training (Spectrum)
  • Certificate in Anatomy (University of Michigan)
  • Mental Health First Aider (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

Personal Training

The Gym

I primarily train out of the YMCA, A.R. Kaufman. This organization has a positive and diverse gym culture. Unlike other commercial gyms, the YMCA is a not-for-profit that gives back to the community.

The Rates

Current membership rates are listed below. The personal training rates are currently $55 for Plus Members, $60 for Classic Members, and $75 for Non-Members.

The power of Personal Training


Stay Accountable

A personal trainer helps with motivation, guidance, progress tracking, and tailored plans. They keep you accountable and motivated, helping you achieve the best possible results.


Technique Guidance

A personal trainer helps you build body awareness to move safely and with confidence.


Progressive Overload

A personal trainer tailors fitness programs to clients for safe, progressive overload. This improves strength and endurance, while ensuring safety and health.

Contact Me

If you self-identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, and are looking for a Certified Personal Trainer in Kitchener, drop me a line!

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